The most effective security Suite

At WPMars, we understand that security is paramount for any web hosting service. That’s why we include MSHIELD (MARSSHIELD) in our hosting plans, offering comprehensive protection for your websites. MSHIELD is a full-stack Linux web server security tool designed to remove malware, monitor threats, resolve issues, and deploy industry-leading security services seamlessly.


MSHIELD is a robust security solution included in WPMars hosting, integrating a powerful group of security software to provide comprehensive protection for your websites. Powered by CPGUARD, COMODO WAF, CONFIG7 FIREWALL, Malwarebytes, and iptables, MSHIELD ensures top-tier security and performance.

Key Components:

  • CPGUARD: Advanced malware scanner and threat detection.
  • COMODO WAF: Web Application Firewall with real-world tested ModSecurity rules.
  • CONFIG7 FIREWALL: Easy CSF configuration for efficient setup.
  • Malwarebytes: Renowned antivirus for effective malware removal.
  • iptables: Flexible firewall management for network traffic control.

Together, these components offer a full stack of Linux web server security, including malware scanning, WAF, IP blacklisting, reputation management, process monitoring, and more. MSHIELD delivers seamless, industry-leading security services, ensuring your web server remains secure against a wide range of threats.

Comprehensive Security Suite for WordPress

With MSHIELD, WPMars hosting provides a robust security solution that keeps your wordpress website protected from a wide range of threats.

Full Stack Linux Web Server Security

With MSHIELD, your hosting account is equipped with a powerful antivirus system that scans and cleans infected files swiftly. It features intelligent threat detection capabilities that recognize symbolic link and binary threats, as well as suspicious patterns. Our real-time antivirus is specifically tuned to detect threats in WordPress and other CMS platforms, ensuring your site remains secure and operational.

Web Application Firewall

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) employs ModSecurity rules based on real-world investigations and penetration tests. It offers robust protection against various web vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), file upload vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Designed for PHP applications, our WAF also includes CMS vulnerability patches and fixes, providing an extra layer of defense for your web applications.

IPDB Abusive IP Blacklist

MSHIELD incorporates a real-time list of malicious IP addresses known for web attacks, brute-force attempts, spamming, DDoS attacks, and port scanning. This dynamic, real-time generation of abusive IPs helps minimize false positives, ensuring that only genuinely harmful traffic is blocked from accessing your server.

Reputation Management, Security & Optimization Tools

Maintaining a good reputation is crucial for any online presence. MSHIELD helps by performing domain reputation checks against Google Safe Browsing and DNSBL IP Reputation Checks. This automatic monitoring system ensures your server IPs are not listed on real-time DNS-based blacklists. Additionally, MSHIELD monitors suspicious processes and rootkits, identifying and terminating hidden threats before they can cause harm.

Our security tool also includes an easy CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) configuration interface, making setup efficient and user-friendly. 

Additional Features

MSHIELD includes several additional features designed to enhance your server’s security:

  • Automatic Account Suspension: Accounts reaching set threat detection criteria are automatically suspended to prevent further issues.
  • Country Blocking: Block requests from specific countries or regions to mitigate targeted attacks.
  • SRBL Mail Server RBL: Real-time spam filtering using a sophisticated mail server Real-time Blackhole List (RBL).
  • Process Monitoring: Identifies and mitigates potential threats like crypto-mining scripts running on website by hackers or nulled plugin/themes.
  • WordPress wp-cron Scheduling: Optimizes resource usage by managing wp-cron tasks efficiently.
  • CMS Core File Replacement: Automatically replaces compromised CMS core files with clean, original versions from our CDN.
  • Block Insecure PHP File Uploads: Prevents PHP file uploads through insecure forms, reducing the risk of malware uploads.
  • Regular Security Scans: Daily and weekly scans with alerts and reports for proactive security management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is MSHIELD, and how does it benefit my web hosting account?

MSHIELD is a comprehensive security suite included in WPMars hosting. It integrates advanced security tools like CPGUARD, COMODO WAF, CONFIG7 FIREWALL, Malwarebytes, and iptables to protect your website from malware, threats, and vulnerabilities, ensuring optimal performance and security.

How do I set up MSHIELD on my WPMars hosting account?

MSHIELD is automatically included and configured in your WPMars hosting account. There’s no need for manual setup. You can manage and monitor security settings through the central dashboard provided.

Can MSHIELD protect my website from DDoS attacks?

Yes, MSHIELD includes features such as IPDB Abusive IP Blacklist and iptables for firewall management, which help protect your website from DDoS attacks by blocking malicious IP addresses and managing traffic effectively.

How often does MSHIELD scan my website for malware?

MSHIELD performs regular malware scans on a daily and weekly basis, providing alerts and reports to keep you informed about your website’s security status and any potential threats.

What should I do if MSHIELD detects a threat on my website?

If MSHIELD detects a threat, it will automatically take action to clean and secure your website. You will receive alerts and detailed reports about the threat and the actions taken. You can also review and manage these actions through the central dashboard.

Can I block specific countries from accessing my website with MSHIELD?

Yes, MSHIELD allows you to block requests from specific countries or regions, providing an additional layer of security against targeted attacks.

How does MSHIELD handle website vulnerabilities specific to WordPress?

MSHIELD’s Web Application Firewall includes rules and patches specifically designed for WordPress and other CMS platforms. It detects and protects against common WordPress vulnerabilities, ensuring your site remains secure.

What is the process for replacing compromised CMS core files with MSHIELD?

MSHIELD automatically detects compromised CMS core files and replaces them with clean, original versions from our CDN. This process ensures that your website remains secure and operational without manual intervention.

Does MSHIELD provide any email security features?

Yes, MSHIELD includes SRBL mail server RBL for real-time spam filtering and DNSBL IP Reputation Check, which monitors your server IPs against blacklists to prevent your emails from being flagged as spam.

How can I monitor the security status of my website with MSHIELD?

You can monitor your website’s security status through the MSHIELD central dashboard, which provides detailed reports, alerts.