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LiteSpeed Enterprise

WPmars harnesses the power of LiteSpeed Enterprise, ensuring your WordPress site loads at lightning speed. Experience seamless performance with WPmars.

Top Class Hardware

Experience unparalleled performance with WPmars hosting platform is optimized for speed, reliability, and scalability, ensuring your website runs smoothly at all times.

AI Powered Security

Protect your WordPress site with WPmars' AI-powered security features. Our advanced security measures keep your website safe from threats, giving you peace of mind.

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Our Unique Advantages and Benefits

Explore WPmars’ exclusive benefits, tailored to enhance your WordPress experience. From top-tier performance to unbeatable security, WPmars delivers excellence.

Redis: Accelerating Database Speed

Serves as a database, cache, and message broker; open source, in-memory data structure storage. Redis lets you turbocharge your online shop so that your consumers experience amazing performance.

Further page-boosting elements

Included features that further boost your WordPress website's performance include Brotli compression, Opcache, MariaDB, php 8.3 and HTTP/3.

Enjoy the fastest loading speeds.

We’re dedicated to delivering the fastest hosting. Our WordPress experts analyzed setups to find the best software and hardware combo for speed and safety, now packaged in our platform.

LiteSpeed: The Galaxy's Fastest Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is the market leader in speed, so we start there. It can serve content at warp speed and easily handle traffic spikes, with speeds up to 9x quicker than Apache and 5x faster than Nginx.

LSCache: Built for WordPress

Minify, Optimize, Compress: LSCache actively streamlines content rather than merely caching it. It makes every byte matter by compressing files, optimizing pictures for blazingly quick delivery, and minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

All in one CDN powered by Quic.cloud

The only content delivery network (CDN) that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content is QUIC.cloud. It caches the entire website, including graphics, CSS, Javascript, and the dynamic HTML page itself. Most CDNs only handle static material.

Captcha protected login pages

Secure login pages, WordPress admin areas, and custom URLs from automated attacks. Our DNS-based captcha, served by a secure offsite server cluster, reduces server overhead from bot attacks.

Realtime, Collective intelligence

Our algorithms create a live list of abusive IPs, scoring them based on multiple factors to minimize false positives. This ensures a seamless experience for genuine users while effectively combating potential threats from malicious actors.

The most effective security solution for WordPress.

The protection you deserve: easy, free, and effective.

Find malwares, protect CMS

Fast, aggressive antivirus that automatically removes harmful injections and core WordPress or other CMS files.

Block hacks, brute force & bots

Attackers are blocked via an advanced WAF and a real-time abusive IP blacklist. using an offshore bot captcha to reduce load.

Block bad bots and user agents

Prevent malicious automated behavior or "bad bots" from accessing your website or application. By stopping harmful bots, you can enjoy protected bandwidth, server resources, and web servers from needless stress.

Unlimited Free SSL

Secure your website with unlimited SSL certificates, ensuring your visitors' data is always protected.

Daily Backup

Rest easy knowing your website is backed up daily, with backups retained for 15 days for added peace of mind.

WordPress Toolkit

Manage your WordPress site effortlessly with our easy-to-use toolkit, streamlining updates, backups, and security.

Free Email

Create a professional online presence with a free business email address included in your hosting plan.

Free Migration

Switching to WPMARS is seamless with our free migration service, ensuring your website stays up and running without any hassle.

30 Day Refund

Try WPMARS risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind with your hosting choice.

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